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Pressetexte über 'NA UND ...  in der ELLE

“NA UND“... is the provocative name of the new designer boutique, which also opened in Stuttgart at the beginning of the year. Number 41 Calwer Straße offers high-quality fashion, shoes and accessories.

For over 13 years Brigitte Lederer’s successful boutique ‘Na UND has been operating in Reutlingen. The boutique in the town centre is no longer a well kept secret. A number of customers are even coming from the region’s capital city.

As there was no comparable outlet in Stuttgart, Brigitte Lederer decided to open another boutique here. ‘NA UND... is spread over 230 square metres at 41 Calwer Straße.

A professional team is there to offer competent advice to its self-confident customers, who have a sense of style.
For Brigitte Lederer and her team fashion is not a short term trend which is forced upon the customers.

“Fashion should highlight your personality and individual style” - this is the philosophy of the pleasant woman from Reutlingen. She found that the French cult designers Marithé and François Girbaud also abide by this creed, whose fashion is superbly combined with garments by Stone Island, Save the Queen, Fuzzi and other innovative labels. These clothes make their own statements about independence, creativity and self-confidence.

Brigitte Lederer reveals her expertise through the collection she has chosen. Her great touch and love for the product has made this fashion expert’s boutique truly unique, particularly as ‘NA UND… holds one of Germany’s most extensive collections of Girbaud. Girbaud offers what a lot of her customers have been looking for for a long time: a symbiosis of true avant-garde and garments suitable for every day use.

It’s apparent that the philosophy of the collection is also carried by the shop design. A boutique has come into being that is equal in every way to the fashion stores of big metropolis’ like New York, London, Milan and Paris. Tip: Brigitte Lederer and her team will order on request

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