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The People that come to ' NA UND... is looking for something exceptional.

The people that come to 'NA UND... is looking for something exceptional. For us fashion is not a short term trend which is forced upon our customers.Fashion should highlight your personality and individual style!

The French cult designers Marithé and François Girbaud also abide by this creed. Girbaud offers what a lot of us have been looking for for a long time: A combination of true avant-garde and garments suitable for every day use. It is for these reasons that you find the complete collection of Girbaud in Stuttgart’s 'NA UND..., which is supplemented by selected garments from Stone Island, Save the Queen and others. They are clothes with their own story, that have something to say about independence, creativity and self-confidence – just like our customers.

We also offer an exceptional and carefully selected range of accessories. ‘NA UND... offers you everything from shoes to jewellery to best complement your chosen outfit.

In order to spoil you, we also provide exceptional service. If it is individual advice, the selection of outfits that suit your specific tastes or special requests at ‘NA UND… anything is possible.